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Xtreme Archery was created by a father and son team in the summer of 2009, which began in a small 5,000 square foot facility. The idea was to create a unique experience that all individuals wishing to participate in archery would enjoy. The continuous satisfaction of customers is a result of a simple mantra that the owners live by and that is " treat every customer as you would want to be treated "

After reaching the limits of the old facility in 2016, Xtreme Archery was relocated to a larger building just a few miles down the road. The new 12,600 square foot facility allowed the family owned business to expand on retail offerings and multiple shooting range to better meet the needs of all customers. 

Nathan's background is in business- earning bachelor degrees in both marketing and entrepreneurship; as well as a masters degree in business. He has been shooting since the age of 4, and servicing bows since the early age of 11. Nathan's passion and knowledge for the sport of archery is apparent through the high quality of service he provides each of his customers.

Nathan Reider
William Reider

William has been actively involved in the sport of archery since he was a young boy and passed the love of the sport to his son. He has run a successful business in the past and transferred his experience and unmatched people skills into Xtreme Archery. Bill is known for his interaction and friendship that he builds with every customer walking through the doors.

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